Feng Zhang

Emerging thin film technology



Department of Physics, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China.




Email: fzhang@xmu.edu.cn


Prof. Feng Zhang is studying fundamental science on wide band gap materials and devices and has been obtained a series of achievements in silicon carbide (SiC) based optoelectronics. Focusing on the fundamental scientific problems of wide band gap semiconductor photodetector and single-photon detector, he has studied and realized the physical mechanism and law of improving the quantum efficiency of the detector and the development of weak signal SiC ultraviolet detector arrays.

Abstract for Presentation

Low dimension semiconductor based photodetectors on SiC substrates


SiC is a promising material for photodetectors due to its wide band gap, low density of defects, outstanding electrical property. SiC based photodetectors have ultra-low dark current (10-15A) and high gain (105) with micro structures under relative low bias. Combinations of SiC and low dimension materials are significant and interesting for photodetections. Graphene and MoSe2/WSe2 photodetector on SiC has high detectivity and can be adjusted by bias. Meanwhile, SnS2/SiC/SnS2 photodetectors have high responsivities for both ultraviolet and visible light by coupling of SnS2 and SiC.


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