Jiadong Zhou

2D Materials


Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China


Email: jdzhou@bit.edu.cn



   Dr. Jiadong Zhou is a full professor at Beijing Institute of Technology. He works on the synthesis, characterization and applications of novel two-dimensional (2D) materials. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers in top journals such as Nature, Nat electron, Nat Physics, Nat Commun, Nano Lett, Adv Mater, etc. 


Abstract for Presentation

Composition and phase engineering of 2D materials



   Recently, the multi-phase and multi-element crystals such as transition atoms (V-, Cr-, Mn-, Fe-, Cd-, Pt-, and Pd-) based chalcogenides (TMCs) and phosphorous chalcogenides (TMPCs) have drawn intensive attention since they offer a unique platform to explore novel physical phenomena including 2D ferromagnetism, 2D superconductivity, high-Tc topological superconductivity, Majorana bound states, and many-body excitons. However, synthesis of a single-phase/composition of these 2D crystals is still challenging since the growth kinetics is difficult to be controlled during chemical vapor deposition. In this talk, I will introduce how to controllable synthesize these 2D materials with different compositions and phases. Based on the synthesized 2D materials, their superconductivity and ferromagnetism will be introduced1,2.





[1] B .Tang, J.D. Zhou*, Zheng Liu*. Nat Electron 5 (2022), 224–232 
[2] P. Wang, J.D. Zhou*, Small., 18 (2022) 2105215.