Ki Jun Yu

Silicon Thin Film



School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

Seodaemun-gu Yonsei-ro 50 C224, Seoul, Republic of Korea






University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ph.D., in Electrical & Computer Engineering (2015)

M.S., in Electrical & Computer Engineering (2012)

B.S., in Electrical Engineering (2008)      


Professional Career:


2017-Present, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

2016-2017, Postdoctoral Associate, UIUC, Department of Materials Science & Engineering.


Research Area:


Bio-integrated Electronics, Flexible Electronics




Google Scholar: total citations: > 10,000, h-index = 37


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Abstract for Presentation

Unconventional Flexible Electronics for Next generation Brain-machine interfaces



  Many bio-integrated electronics used clinically must maintain high levels of performance over extended periods of time. Especially, Si nano-membrane based electronics offers a reliable and robust operations of the various functions for monitoring diseases and delivering therapies. We develop new devices that integrate flexible Si nano-membrane electronics, which can deliver mult-functions inside and outside of the body. Here, in this conference, I am introducing various unconventional bio-integrated electronics based on Si nanomembrane for next-generation brain-machine interfaces.