Yi Hou

Perovskite & Organic devices


Department  of  Chemical  and  Biomolecular  Engineering, Solar  Energy  Research  Institute  of  Singapore  (SERIS), National  University  of Singapore, Singapore.




Email: yi.hou@nus.edu.sg



Prof. Yi Hou is currently an Assistant Professor of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the National University of Singapore and the Head of the Perovskite-based Multijunction Solar Cell Group. Dr. Hou received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Then he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Postdoctoral. His research interests include Development and investigation of ultra-efficient solar energy conversion using perovskite-based tandem solar cell, with a strong focus on the development of wide-bandgap absorbers and interface materials, and design of nano-sized optical and electrical microstructures for accelerating the tandem production from lab to fab.

Abstract for Presentation

Emerging Perovskites-based Tandem Solar Cells: towards efficient, stable, and commercially viable photovoltaics 


The development of perovskite-based tandem  solar cells represents a promising strategy  to  enhance  the  performance  of  traditional  photovoltaics  beyond  the  singlejunction  Shockley-Queisser  limit.  This  talk  will  deliver  the  rationale  behind  widebandgap perovskite design for  the different tandems [1-3] , explain how the thin-filmbased  tandem  solar  cells  reached  high  efficiencies,  and  unveil  the  potential  of  this technology. The advances reported herein show that it is possible  –  and powerful  –  to marry the traditional PVs and perovskite technologies in tandems.


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